Football vs Computer Games

Football vs Computer Games

Do you just want to play the game of football or do you also wish to play games on a computer? We are not necessarily talking only about FIFA that you play on your laptop but also other games. We are seeing a new trend around playing games on android and iOS phones. Just on our last survey among all the country club football players, almost all of them spend more time playing games on their phones than practicing football on the field.

Now don’t just blame them because this is how the world is today and we want to share with you exactly that if you don’t mind. Today we wish to discuss a game that is not just interesting but very interesting to play. The name of the game is 8 ball pool. With over 100 million players, it is one of the top grossing games of 2017 and we are expecting it to top 2018 as well. Don’t be surprised because the game is so much fun to play, specially when you challenge your own family members or your friends to a game of pool. 8 Ball Pool is a fascinating game where you have to pocket the balls using your stick.

We have often seen people play this game when they are traveling in a metro, cab or a bus because it passes their time so easily. Just a single game of pool with your best buddy and you reach your college, office or wherever you are traveling. We see so many college kids or office goers sit around playing this game while on their way to their respective work place. We have also seen many players literally buy off coins and cash from the miniclip market because they just don’t win enough to get it themselves.

We cannot help but wonder what happens to the kids who cannot afford to pay real money for the coins and cash? Are these games only for the rich? So we went hunting for some tricks to help out those unfortunate kids who cannot afford to pay real money but can still have a competitive level playing field. We came across that promises to deliver free coins and cash to your account in just 3 clicks. Now we were skeptical at first because who can just simply promise free stuff and not asking anything in return. So we tried it out and found that all you need to do is to give your email ID to which the game account is linked and click submit and that is it. The tool hacks away the account automatically and returns you a new account with tons of in game coins.

If you wish to be the top player in this game of pool, 8 ball pool to be precise then you can check out that site too that we mentioned. It could help you out and give you a chance to compete with the top players of the game, I mean the guys who have a fat wallet.

Rob Roy Reds – Football Club

Rob Roy Reds – Football Club

Rob Roy Reds is a football club based on people who support Aberdeen FC. This club was formed in the year 2000 and is still going on strong. The club has two strong teams of 11 players which plays in the Amateur Football Combination Saturday league and the Association of Provincial Football Supporter’s Clubs (APFSCIL) in  Sunday league in London.

This club believes in giving opportunity to any new comer who wants to come and join the club. The players also help train new players to become a better footballer. That is the reason why the club is always looking out for more players who can come and join and play for them. It is a 17 year old club and there is every bit chance that your game will only improve by joining a club that has been for so long.

The club is a lively one where they meet on a regular basis and there are also fund raiser events happening regularly. Basically there is a good social life of this club as compared to others. Just last year there were over 100 Rob Roy Reds who traveled from London to the Celtic Park for the league match. It was a great time for the players and their supporters and they had a great time together.

Take a look at the below pictures of the club’s team for both the leagues:

Rob Roy Reds Saturday League Team
Rob Roy Reds Sunday League Team

The club is proud to announce that it’s Sunday League Team has been winners for several times. They just won the division one and became champions at Celtic this May where hundreds of rob roy red fans and members traveled to watch. The Saturday League Team is also doing well and they are looking to break the promotion challenge next season as they just missed in the last one.

The miss was a narrow one and there is every bit chance to grab the opportunity the next time. So the players are full of hope and nobody is feeling down. They are excited to beat the rivals in next season that begins from August. The team is doing very well and is regularly being sponsored by some business or the other. Some of the regular sponsors have been Fullers Brewery and London Pride Beer.

The club is always looking out for new players to join it’s teams and so if you are interested or you know someone who is, then contact them through their Facebook page.

Take a look at this wonderful video of the 2002 Final Match in Dave Baister Cup: